These temperatures are getting way too cold

My area gets honestly cold in the winter.

  • The snow comes down in feet rather than inches.

It isn’t unrespected to have sub zero uneven temperatures. I honestly don’t like the snow and all the upkeep that it takes. I used to use a snowblower and shovel anything it couldn’t reach. I got to the point where I wanted to hang myself anytime it snowed though. It was just so much work. I then did some research and realized I could use my furnace to help me. I own a boiler system that was serving as the property heater, then what is superb about a boiler is that they have so several different functions. They can be hooked to radiators, baseboards, pools, and property water tanks. I then found that they can be used as a snowmelt system, and you hook piping to the boiler and then it goes underneath your driveway. Yes you have to hack up the driveway however trust me it is worth it. The boiler heats water that flows through the pipes and it heats the driveway! Now no snow sticks to my driveway. It instantly melts. Another pro is that my automobile on the driveway is heated as a result. So now no ice sticks to the windshield. I don’t need to preheat my car, chip away ice, shovel or even wear those thick snow boots anymore. I can just wake up and do my normal routine in the winter time. The investment of a snowmelt system more than pays back its asking price. Anybody who deals with snow needs one.


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