There's a lot of benefits here

My climate is quite moderate and due to this I took the plunge and purchased a heat pump.

I savor that I get a two for one system with this! Both heating and cooling in a single system.

Also the heat pump is ductless. That means I don’t have to have the entire property heated to a single temp. I savor the ability to have zone control. I use the customized zone feature more than anything else. I savor having the A/C blowing in the family room however having the family room heated. I also take advantage of unused rooms. The laundry room, office, and most of the time my family room get nothing while in the morning. I save quite a bit of money on this. The actual function of the heat pump saves you too. How it works is by pushing and pulling existing heat energy. It works like a normal air conditioner device in the Summer and in the wintertime the heated air is pulled into the home. This creates cleaner, fresher indoor air quality. No combustion process or orange property gasses. It is so much cheaper to run too. The heat pump is said to live somewhere from 15-20 years as long as you treat it right. It might seem a bit terrifying to purchase a heat pump due to the initial price tag. With the energy savings every month, it pays back its asking price. There is even a tax credit for making this replacement too. What more could you possibly want for this genius system? Even those in colder climates can have a dual fuel or hybrid heater to save.

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