Heated flooring is the luxury you didn't know you needed

It lasts a long time and frees up space

I have lived with a boiler in my home for quite some time, and the boiler was hooked up to my baseboards to create even more heating in my home! I am not going to lie, I am not a fan of baseboard heating. I feel it looks ugly and doesn’t work that well. Thankfully I found a way to utilize my boiler more effectively. I had it in my head that I wanted to redo my flooring. I started ripping up the outdated carpet and picked out a gray, porcelain tile. I had already purchased all the tile, brick board, mastic, and screws. I had ripped out the carpet, laid my brick board and was ready to brick when I did some extra research. I stumbled upon hydronic heating. Apparently all you need to do is have piping hooked to your boiler and laid over the brick board. The boiler heats water that flows through the pipes to create heated flooring. This hydronic furnace is quiet in operation and doesn’t stir up dust or create cold spots due to it being water and not forced air. Another pro is that the furnace is hidden under the tile. It won’t sustain any detriment or wear and tear. The heat flooring also warms anything touching it, so the couch, loveseat, and chairs all feel heated as a result. It lasts a long time and frees up space. I was instantly on the phone with my heating supplier to have my baseboard heating changed to a hydronic furnace. It is such a better furnace.

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