Boilers are actually quite impressive and durable

When I first moved into my home I wasn’t pleased by the boiler system.

Lets face it, a boiler is kind of a beauty and the beast situation.

A boiler is large, ugly, and takes up so much space. However, the beauty lies within. A boiler can do basically anything. It comes with a lifespan of around 50 years. If you can continue to find replacement parts a boiler can live to around 80 years old. Most systems are about a 10-15 year commitment. The boiler can heat through a variety of channels. So you can hook it up to baseboards, radiators, or add piping to it. The pipes can be installed within your floorboards for hydronic heating. Or you can have a snowmelt system in your driveway, heat the family water, or be a pool heater. Another benefit to this amazing system is that it queries little to no maintenance. That is good since not every HVAC business is qualified to handle these systems. Most of the time it gets inspected and an A+ sticker. I can’t believe I wanted to remove this system when I first moved in. Yes, having most of my basement would be nice, but I am never getting that level of power anywhere else. A furnace or fireplace just doesn’t have the strength. I rely on a boiler for most of the year for my heating. The boiler handles below freezing temperatures and heats my whole house without even really trying. I would never have another kind of heater if it dies.

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