Why Antibacterial Products are Bad for You and the Environment

Total brand toothpaste containing triclosan antibacterial because it was suspected of causing a variety of health and environmental problems in the United States is currently reviewing the chemical.

The GreenScreenAssessment was recently used by the Canadian Environmental Law Association to assess the impact on human health and the environment of antibacterial products tools. According to the results of the report called on the Canadian government banned the Association of antimicrobial agents (triclosan and triclocarban). Reported that these chemicals on human health and the environment from the risks far outweigh the benefits.

The report is to determine the United States Food and Drug Administration re-use of these chemicals heels in the United States. Specifically, the agency has already questioned its 1997 approval of Colgate Total toothpaste brand, currently only toothpaste containing triclosan on the market. Environmental groups say, to approve without any significant proof that the product or even safe.

In Canada, these chemicals are everywhere.
Antibacterial soap, tissues, toys, toothpaste. According to CBC News, about 1600 of products containing chemical substances sold in Canada. The company is riding the wave of germ paranoia Although there is no evidence that any not simply with soap and water (or use a regular old toothpaste) these products better.

The problem comes the fact that the operation of these ways chemicals enter our body and accumulate in the environment. They in personal care products, and then to wash down the drain popularity.

A few years ago the Canadian government review found that triclosan in consumer products are not harmful to human health, although it is not certain what the data according to their own decisions. The Government also acknowledged that chemical substance may be hazardous to the environment, said they would discuss with the industry to voluntarily reduce use.

In the absence of any meaningful regulation depends on consumers to avoid antibacterial products. This is why you should take them off your shopping list:

Some people worry that triclosan and triclocarban are hormone disruptors and how they relate specifically directed thyroid hormone, which may lead to such as obesity, cancer, infertility and sexual precocity (associated with increased risk for breast cancer) health problems of interference. There is evidence that young children exposed to triclosan have a greater chance of developing allergies.

Some people worry that the chemicals can lead to antibiotic resistance, or “super bug development). This fear is the basis of the review of the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Human impact is magnified in the environment, because the chemical makes its way through sewage treatment plants and accumulate environment.