Solar Power Plants and Copper – the Best Combination

Next to the building of a copper mine solar power generation facilities, make a lot of sense. After all, the solar power plant needs sand, aggregate, limestone, cement, steel, silicon solar panels, and a lot of copper. Copper for motors, generators, transformers and power lines to carry the electricity to consumers.

ASARCO and Tucson Electric broke ground this week for Avalon solar projects, the use of solar photovoltaic panels a utility-scale solar energy production plant, near the east side of Sahuarita ASARCO Mission mine complex, south of Tucson. I have to participate in, and make the relevant mineral demand for renewable energy Opinions privileges. [Image Source: J � Martin Harris Photography.

My point is that tap local environmentally responsible manner, by reducing transport distances required ores and metal energy, the use of local resources to reduce the carbon footprint, and an operation in the world’s most stringent regulatory framework in .

According to ASARCO, the project is also known as solar power facilities Pima Mine Road is a 35 MWdc renewable energy facilities, will provide Tucson Electric Power (TEP) has sufficient power, after the completion of this year over 7000. The project is co-ASARCO, TEP and Clenera between. Grid construction to begin next week, is expected by the end of this year.

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