Harley-Davidson’s Environmental Problems

Solar Technology

Solar Technology

Harley-Davidson, Wang highway cruising bike is the only one to survive the Great Depression. Founded in 1903, they are pioneers in the heavyweight motorcycle. All large bicycle engine to improve their environmental concerns. However, they have the greatest environmental aims and objectives have different ideas, in order to maintain and sustain long-term success. Their production facilities have been eager to achieve zero landfill.

Harley-Davidson’s production base is constantly strive to reduce the impact of manufacturing and other operations on the environment, including ongoing efforts to reduce waste and increase recycling, reduce water and energy consumption. In addition, the annual energy production base set up goals consumption and seek to improve over last year.

Harley Davidson sustainable development: the protection and renewal of the Liberal riding

Everyone should love Harley Davidson riders share the experience, you can enjoy offspring. The purpose is clear; This is the realization of a personal dream of freedom. Their sustainability vision is simple; preservation and continuation of the current generation of free ride.

Waste reduction and recycling plays a unique part of the field of the environment. Wastes released from the cement manufacturing company is used as fuel in the kiln and the remaining ash in the cement. Power train operations to reduce waste, and by wasting two new recycling and reuse of waste streams diverted more dropped from landfill to landfill to 5.9% ratio.

Solar Technology

Solar Technology

Powertrain plants can reduce waste sent to land through recycling increased by 24% loading. A new container system, providing a clear message should be introduced where common projects. As a result, recycling volume increased to nearly 10,000 pounds in 2012, mixed recyclable waste, to the end of this year, an increase from about 680 pounds per month to an average of 800 pounds per month average amount early this year. In the same way, from the cafeteria to about four tons of compostable materials are sent to a city farms. Harley-Davidson Museum restaurant started to buy locally grown produce from the farm.

The amount of aqueous phase is also another important factor for the environment. They reduce water intake by 1.166 million gallons. Water reduction is the result of the full implementation of the new powder coating system. The new system uses a small amount of water when it needs to use a continuous flow of water, which is not only pull the water drip down the drain. It also uses a sensor that can automatically water as needed, and close when not in use.

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