Floating Solar Power Technology

Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Energy

A floating solar power plant is one of the solar panels are mounted on a platform floating in one body of water.

India has started to build 10 megawatts of solar power plants on several canals, and plans to build solar power plants in the water in large tracts of Kerala. Floating solar power technology by the Indian Renewable Energy Development Institute. India will install a 50-megawatt solar power plant at the end of this year, 1.27 million square meters of floating platforms.

“Ecology of water is not easy to be affected too much, it will also reduce evaporation, which helps to preserve the level of extreme summer mounting land surface to reduce production of solar panels to heat up as when the installation of such panels on a floating platform, heating problems largely solved. “

While floating solar power plant is good news for the solar power industry has opened up a new way, which is not as if we can cover solar panels ocean. Therefore, for a vast country like India, the need to develop solar power plants on the land, water and roof. As more and more solar power plants, there will be less reliance on coal and electricity production will not cause harm to the environment.

Each family / country will have power in the future, although coal is not available. Electricity will be cheaper, not to mention a more robust economy. India’s leading hydropower generation NHPC (NHPC) is planning to build a 50-megawatt solar photovoltaic power generation projects of national water bodies in the southern state of Kerala. Renewable Energy Institute will assist the company to implement the project.

Gujarat solar power plant above the canal

Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Energy

The project is similar to Japan’s largest solar power plant at sea, which was launched last year too late. The 70MW solar power plant in Kagoshima Nanatsujima giant is designed to clean energy for the next move, part of the 2011 Fukushima disaster in Japan is located in the island of Kagoshima Prefecture.

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