Cogenra has Developed Innovative Products to Achieve Impressive Efficiency

Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Energy

Cogenra solar energy, high-performance solar technology provider, today announced three world records, with its dense cell interconnect (DCI) technology. In a series of tests conducted by a third party laboratory, Cogenra the DCI technology to achieve a high compared to the currently available modules increased by 15% module power supply. This significantly reduces the efficiency of the total direct costs of installing the module cost per watt of solar power.

Cogenra recording module construction and use of production-ready DCI commercial production line, unsorted cells. By Det Norske Veritas GL module format, and 60 units of T�V S�D independent verification confirmed that the peak power output:

– 334W using the N-type monocrystalline cells before contact.
– The use of P-type silicon solar cell 301W.
– Use multi-crystalline cells, much higher than any commercial or single components 288W.

“Cogenra has developed innovative products to achieve impressive efficiency. Norske Veritas GL very excited to be working with domestic manufacturers are pushing design and technology of photovoltaic power generation boundaries,” DNL GV development engineer John Watt said.

“Now is the time to re-connect solar modules,” said Cogenra Solar CEO and founder, Dr. Gilad Almogy. “Using the existing battery technology, DCI provides a booster to improve the performance, reliability and cost reduction, the existing photovoltaic cell production capacity of nearly 600,000 kilowatts using this much needed module-level innovation represents a significant breakthrough in solar technology, and accelerate the adoption of solar energy in the world. “

Rely on the ribbon of a solar cell module technology, which shadows from the sun silicon cell, leading to resistance loss, accelerated degradation of PV modules. Cogenra DCI patent-pending technology to more effectively connect the cells in the module, eliminating the gap ribbon, solder joints and between cells. Therefore, DCI module implements a range of benefits, including:

Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Energy

– More power: 15 percent of high-power, resulting in reduced BOS and installation costs.
– Excellent Reliability: better withstand thermal cycling, thermal zone, mechanical loads and external shading, reducing module degradation, resulting in superior returns lifelong project.
– Lower cost per watt: improve efficiency, reduce assembly cost per watt, while leveraging existing cell lines.
– Flexibility: allow longer strings and shadows flexibility.
– Aesthetics: the elimination of the gap between the ribbon and the cell uniform all-black appearance.

Cogenra is now vigorously promoting its module production line in the United States, and the DCI module can provide samples and volume production starting in the third quarter of 2015 Cogenra DCI’s field-proven technology is currently in operation at the University of Arizona solar SolarZone�1MW array.

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