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Why Antibacterial Products are Bad for You and the Environment

Total brand toothpaste containing triclosan antibacterial because it was suspected of causing a variety of health and environmental problems in the United States is currently reviewing the chemical.

The GreenScreenAssessment was recently used by the Canadian Environmental Law Association to assess the impact on human health and the environment of antibacterial products tools. According to the results of the report called on the Canadian government banned the Association of antimicrobial agents (triclosan and triclocarban). Reported that these chemicals on human health and the environment from the risks far outweigh the benefits.

The report is to determine the United States Food and Drug Administration re-use of these chemicals heels in the United States. Specifically, the agency has already questioned its 1997 approval of Colgate Total toothpaste brand, currently only toothpaste containing triclosan on the market. Environmental groups say, to approve without any significant proof that the product or even safe.

In Canada, these chemicals are everywhere.
Antibacterial soap, tissues, toys, toothpaste. According to CBC News, about 1600 of products containing chemical substances sold in Canada. The company is riding the wave of germ paranoia Although there is no evidence that any not simply with soap and water (or use a regular old toothpaste) these products better.

The problem comes the fact that the operation of these ways chemicals enter our body and accumulate in the environment. They in personal care products, and then to wash down the drain popularity.

A few years ago the Canadian government review found that triclosan in consumer products are not harmful to human health, although it is not certain what the data according to their own decisions. The Government also acknowledged that chemical substance may be hazardous to the environment, said they would discuss with the industry to voluntarily reduce use.

In the absence of any meaningful regulation depends on consumers to avoid antibacterial products. This is why you should take them off your shopping list:

Some people worry that triclosan and triclocarban are hormone disruptors and how they relate specifically directed thyroid hormone, which may lead to such as obesity, cancer, infertility and sexual precocity (associated with increased risk for breast cancer) health problems of interference. There is evidence that young children exposed to triclosan have a greater chance of developing allergies.

Some people worry that the chemicals can lead to antibiotic resistance, or “super bug development). This fear is the basis of the review of the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Human impact is magnified in the environment, because the chemical makes its way through sewage treatment plants and accumulate environment.

New Chevy Electric Car

I’m excited to see Chevy moving forward into an electric future with the Chevy Spark: See
The Future Is Electric for the first hint of what’s in store.

Bye bye oil, and good riddance.

The (Solar) Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Case in point:   Richmond, CA had the largest demonstration in its history Saturday, August 3–2,000 people marched over two miles from the Richmond BART station to the Chevron main gate.  The demonstration commemorated the fire at Chevron August 6, 2012.  Protestors condemned Chevron for its callous safety record in Richmond, Canada, Ecuador and around the world.  The demands of the march were

  • No More Toxic Hazards
  • No Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline
  • No Refining Dirty Crude (e.g. from fracking)
  • Yes to Clean Energy

Speakers included Richmond Mayor Gail McLaughlin, Bill McKibben, and numerous activists from Richmond including nationally recognized Lipo Chanthanasak from the Asian Pacific Environmental Network.

Over 200 people were arrested in a non-violent direct action for trespassing on Chevron property.  The point of the civil disobedience was to focus attention on Chevron, not to antagonize the police, who were there in force.  The peaceful demonstration and the arrests were all in a positive spirit of “We can do better than fossil fuels”.

So it was a great event, and did receive much positive media coverage.  However, I couldn’t help but notice that the San Francisco Chronicle buried a factually correct but very short article on page 10 of the national news section.  No photos, no details.  Like it was no big deal.

This is where the power of the internet comes in.  We can’t expect mainstream media to support us quite yet; they are still beholden to the oil companies.  Chevron has a lot of political muscle in the Bay Area.  But we can educate ourselves and build this movement until we have the political muscle to overwhelm Chevron and the oil industry.

So here are some of the photos the Chronicle should have run:

 Bill McKibben (on right of photo) with Richmond activists
90 year old woman preparing to be arrested

Women are More Environmentally Friendly

According to numerous studies, women in both their attitudes and their actions more green than men. One study showed that women have a greater stake in the management of climate change, because they are “more likely to lose their lives, otherwise, fare worse than men from the extreme heat wave events hurricanes and tsunamis.” According to Synovate an international survey shows that women are more environmentally friendly than men. By the French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies published shows that women emit less carbon than men. Daily average 39.3 kg of carbon emitted by men, with women only 32.3 kilograms of carbon emissions.

Here is to make that more women than men environmental research summary.

More environmentally conscious and more according to corporate decision-makers HANSA-GCR women than men. The Center for Women’s Business Research (CWBR) released the “environmental consumerism among women business owners,” a brief called that report the product’s environmental friendliness does have a moderate to significant influence 77 percent of women decision makers buying habits in the enterprise.

Green Attitude
According to Tiller 2010 study, more women than men said they would do a green New Year’s resolutions. Research shows that women are more likely to experience “green guilt,” because polls call than men – 41%, while only 27 percent of men. Therefore, women pay more attention to their green resolution than men (52 percent would be “very likely” to take environmental practice in 2010, rather than 33% of men), following through. Compared to about 41 percent of men cited by 27% of women living as a daily goal of environmental protection, a national survey found. The same study found that women prefer to use reusable shopping bags and women use to reduce household energy use than men.

Buying behavior
Women are more likely than men to buy eco-oriented or recyclable products, according to international studies. This is significant, because studies show that women with at least 75% of home buyers decide.

Two-thirds of women is the driving force behind the regular household recycling. According to the survey in 2009. Women also do most of the housework, so most of the recovery.

Response to environmental advertising
According to the 2009 report, State of World Population, women are more active in environmental advocacy respond.

Eco Fashion
Women buy more environmentally conscious fashion design than men. Eco-fashion movement big in women’s clothing. Women’s clothes are smaller and require fewer resources.

Women consume less meat and processed foods than men. According to two European studies – two categories of food, especially resource-intensive. Women eat more fruits and vegetables, it uses less land, water and carbon dioxide.

Men drive and fly longer distances for their jobs, the European research shows. Women use more public transport, which reduce their carbon footprint.

Gas energy
Aggressive driving by on the highway 33% reduction in fuel consumption, said the United States Department of Energy and studies have repeatedly shown that women drive slower than men, are less likely to speed than men.

Solar Power Plants and Copper – the Best Combination

Next to the building of a copper mine solar power generation facilities, make a lot of sense. After all, the solar power plant needs sand, aggregate, limestone, cement, steel, silicon solar panels, and a lot of copper. Copper for motors, generators, transformers and power lines to carry the electricity to consumers.

ASARCO and Tucson Electric broke ground this week for Avalon solar projects, the use of solar photovoltaic panels a utility-scale solar energy production plant, near the east side of Sahuarita ASARCO Mission mine complex, south of Tucson. I have to participate in, and make the relevant mineral demand for renewable energy Opinions privileges. [Image Source: J � Martin Harris Photography.

My point is that tap local environmentally responsible manner, by reducing transport distances required ores and metal energy, the use of local resources to reduce the carbon footprint, and an operation in the world’s most stringent regulatory framework in .

According to ASARCO, the project is also known as solar power facilities Pima Mine Road is a 35 MWdc renewable energy facilities, will provide Tucson Electric Power (TEP) has sufficient power, after the completion of this year over 7000. The project is co-ASARCO, TEP and Clenera between. Grid construction to begin next week, is expected by the end of this year.

Harley-Davidson’s Environmental Problems

Solar Technology

Solar Technology

Harley-Davidson, Wang highway cruising bike is the only one to survive the Great Depression. Founded in 1903, they are pioneers in the heavyweight motorcycle. All large bicycle engine to improve their environmental concerns. However, they have the greatest environmental aims and objectives have different ideas, in order to maintain and sustain long-term success. Their production facilities have been eager to achieve zero landfill.

Harley-Davidson’s production base is constantly strive to reduce the impact of manufacturing and other operations on the environment, including ongoing efforts to reduce waste and increase recycling, reduce water and energy consumption. In addition, the annual energy production base set up goals consumption and seek to improve over last year.

Harley Davidson sustainable development: the protection and renewal of the Liberal riding

Everyone should love Harley Davidson riders share the experience, you can enjoy offspring. The purpose is clear; This is the realization of a personal dream of freedom. Their sustainability vision is simple; preservation and continuation of the current generation of free ride.

Waste reduction and recycling plays a unique part of the field of the environment. Wastes released from the cement manufacturing company is used as fuel in the kiln and the remaining ash in the cement. Power train operations to reduce waste, and by wasting two new recycling and reuse of waste streams diverted more dropped from landfill to landfill to 5.9% ratio.

Solar Technology

Solar Technology

Powertrain plants can reduce waste sent to land through recycling increased by 24% loading. A new container system, providing a clear message should be introduced where common projects. As a result, recycling volume increased to nearly 10,000 pounds in 2012, mixed recyclable waste, to the end of this year, an increase from about 680 pounds per month to an average of 800 pounds per month average amount early this year. In the same way, from the cafeteria to about four tons of compostable materials are sent to a city farms. Harley-Davidson Museum restaurant started to buy locally grown produce from the farm.

The amount of aqueous phase is also another important factor for the environment. They reduce water intake by 1.166 million gallons. Water reduction is the result of the full implementation of the new powder coating system. The new system uses a small amount of water when it needs to use a continuous flow of water, which is not only pull the water drip down the drain. It also uses a sensor that can automatically water as needed, and close when not in use.