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Floating Solar Power Technology

Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Energy

A floating solar power plant is one of the solar panels are mounted on a platform floating in one body of water.

India has started to build 10 megawatts of solar power plants on several canals, and plans to build solar power plants in the water in large tracts of Kerala. Floating solar power technology by the Indian Renewable Energy Development Institute. India will install a 50-megawatt solar power plant at the end of this year, 1.27 million square meters of floating platforms.

“Ecology of water is not easy to be affected too much, it will also reduce evaporation, which helps to preserve the level of extreme summer mounting land surface to reduce production of solar panels to heat up as when the installation of such panels on a floating platform, heating problems largely solved. “

While floating solar power plant is good news for the solar power industry has opened up a new way, which is not as if we can cover solar panels ocean. Therefore, for a vast country like India, the need to develop solar power plants on the land, water and roof. As more and more solar power plants, there will be less reliance on coal and electricity production will not cause harm to the environment.

Each family / country will have power in the future, although coal is not available. Electricity will be cheaper, not to mention a more robust economy. India’s leading hydropower generation NHPC (NHPC) is planning to build a 50-megawatt solar photovoltaic power generation projects of national water bodies in the southern state of Kerala. Renewable Energy Institute will assist the company to implement the project.

Gujarat solar power plant above the canal

Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Energy

The project is similar to Japan’s largest solar power plant at sea, which was launched last year too late. The 70MW solar power plant in Kagoshima Nanatsujima giant is designed to clean energy for the next move, part of the 2011 Fukushima disaster in Japan is located in the island of Kagoshima Prefecture.

Cogenra has Developed Innovative Products to Achieve Impressive Efficiency

Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Energy

Cogenra solar energy, high-performance solar technology provider, today announced three world records, with its dense cell interconnect (DCI) technology. In a series of tests conducted by a third party laboratory, Cogenra the DCI technology to achieve a high compared to the currently available modules increased by 15% module power supply. This significantly reduces the efficiency of the total direct costs of installing the module cost per watt of solar power.

Cogenra recording module construction and use of production-ready DCI commercial production line, unsorted cells. By Det Norske Veritas GL module format, and 60 units of T�V S�D independent verification confirmed that the peak power output:

– 334W using the N-type monocrystalline cells before contact.
– The use of P-type silicon solar cell 301W.
– Use multi-crystalline cells, much higher than any commercial or single components 288W.

“Cogenra has developed innovative products to achieve impressive efficiency. Norske Veritas GL very excited to be working with domestic manufacturers are pushing design and technology of photovoltaic power generation boundaries,” DNL GV development engineer John Watt said.

“Now is the time to re-connect solar modules,” said Cogenra Solar CEO and founder, Dr. Gilad Almogy. “Using the existing battery technology, DCI provides a booster to improve the performance, reliability and cost reduction, the existing photovoltaic cell production capacity of nearly 600,000 kilowatts using this much needed module-level innovation represents a significant breakthrough in solar technology, and accelerate the adoption of solar energy in the world. “

Rely on the ribbon of a solar cell module technology, which shadows from the sun silicon cell, leading to resistance loss, accelerated degradation of PV modules. Cogenra DCI patent-pending technology to more effectively connect the cells in the module, eliminating the gap ribbon, solder joints and between cells. Therefore, DCI module implements a range of benefits, including:

Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Energy

– More power: 15 percent of high-power, resulting in reduced BOS and installation costs.
– Excellent Reliability: better withstand thermal cycling, thermal zone, mechanical loads and external shading, reducing module degradation, resulting in superior returns lifelong project.
– Lower cost per watt: improve efficiency, reduce assembly cost per watt, while leveraging existing cell lines.
– Flexibility: allow longer strings and shadows flexibility.
– Aesthetics: the elimination of the gap between the ribbon and the cell uniform all-black appearance.

Cogenra is now vigorously promoting its module production line in the United States, and the DCI module can provide samples and volume production starting in the third quarter of 2015 Cogenra DCI’s field-proven technology is currently in operation at the University of Arizona solar SolarZone�1MW array.

Solar: This is About a Whole New World

Many conservatives seem to have an unshakable bedrock believe that solar power will never be cost-effective. Conservatives tend to talk about solar energy and not even look digital – they will laugh at you. Referred to recent German electricity during peak hours to provide almost half of the solar power, they would say things like: “Oh, the German economy must tanks, then” this seems to be their worldview is almost a basic axiom, solar energy will always be too expensive, no presence of government subsidies, solar energy is therefore in research money into the toilet.

I suspect that many of these conservatives in the 1970s came of age, when the sun first being discussed “green” alternative to fossil fuels. They may see a solar energy as an encryption socialist conspiracy; scare everyone by global warming and forcing companies into expensive solar power, “vegetables” � huge implicit tax business will lead the capitalist system to a standstill.

Maybe some people do such a support solar energy (stupid) reasons. But the visionary who knows, technology often requires a large amount of government support for development (basic study, after all, is the public interest), and they see fossil fuels become more expensive will have to start the day.

And now, after decades of research and subsidies, we may wake up to a new edge of the world. Cost of solar power has been in decline index over the past 35 years. More importantly, there is no sign at all, this cost decline is slowing. The new technology is in the pipeline now, coal and natural gas must be competitive solar potential government subsidies or even zero. Here are some examples:

Stored energy a nanometer template molecule
MIT associate professor Jeffrey Grossman, who succeeded in creating a new molecule [to] “lock” to store solar heat down. These molecules have the solar and the unusual ability to store a lithium ion battery which is equivalent to an energy density ……

Anything 2. Printed solar cells
MIT professor Karen Gleason’s leadership team has found anything one way to print solar cells on paper …… resulting battery is also very durable and can be folded and unfolded more than 1000 times, no loss in performance.

In the flat three, solar thermal power
Professor Chen Gang has been working on a revolutionary new way to make solar power – micro solar thermal – which in theory would be best to produce electricity solar panel efficiency eight times because it was hot …… process, the panel can be heated from ambient light even on cloudy days, the panels can be made from a very inexpensive material.

4, viruses, to improve the efficiency of solar cells Nano
MIT graduate students recently designed a virus called M13 (normally attack bacteria), so that they can be effectively used to convert solar energy works precisely spaced carbon nanotubes …

5, the transparent window can be turned into a solar cell power plant
Vladimir Bulovic professor of electrical engineering aspects …… made ??a breakthrough that could eliminate two-thirds of the installation of thin-film technology [Windows on] the cost, by introducing a new layer of transparent organic photovoltaic cells to enter the windows. MIT team believes it can achieve in the huge costs by up to 12% efficiency [. ]

Then there is out of the lab and technology sold to customers. For example, the following article from the website Grist:

The company said V3Solar (formerly Solarphasec) and its products, spinning unit, cleverly solved the two major problems facing the solar photovoltaic power generation.

First, most of the solar panel is flat, which means that they will miss the sun most of the time unit is a spinning cone … … tapered shape to capture the sun in the sky it during the whole of the arc along each axis. It is a built-in tracking.

The second problem: the solar panels produce more energy, and if the sunlight concentrated by the solar cell before it hit the camera; however, the light is focused to produce heat, which means that the converging solar panels (CPV) the need for expensive of special, heat-resistant material massive solar cells.

Spinning unit sunlight focused on plain old (cheap) silicon PV, but spinning it to keep it cool …

[T] he company told CleanTechnica it already has more than four hairs order requirements. 7 GW of installed solar energy in the United States, total …

Perhaps this high-tech or the company will gradually disappear before reaching the size of the mass market. But in the increasingly rapid advances in solar technology. (Small, distributed energy technology innovation itself more easily than large, capital-intensive energy technologies.)

As the article says, it is very easy to become just an illusion. Do not believe the hype. But the problem is, there are many companies and academic labs to do such a request, and the speed seems to be only increasing. Sooner or later – and recent trends indicate “early” rather than “post” – those claims would be correct.

Florida Gulf Coast University is Environmentally Friendly

Florida Gulf Coast University is known to be a very green university. It is located in Southwest Florida and around the campus there are many wild animals. Schools offer a lot of resources, students to teach them and encourage them to recycle and preserve our natural resources around campus. Solar compactors and recycling bins set up as well as energy-efficient lighting in the main campus. In housing, with facilities on campus, solar panels and chilled water air conditions are in place.

* Images from big belly roller *

Schools offer big belly solar compactor high traffic area many people along the campus. Through the campus, where every student can see them, they are more commonly used to help eliminate waste, and can be seen in the United States many of the “typical” college campuses around the inside of the garbage there are many such. Rollers are constantly compressing large belly has been placed in their trash. This helps to limit garbage pickup save time and money, as well as fuel. Obtain energy from the sun is 100% big belly, and also uses no more than 5 watts hours a day.

Traditional recycling bins are available throughout all school buildings. By having these visits, they give the opportunity who are just getting or out of class, students get rid of them have also environmentally conscious trash.

Many students who attend Florida Gulf Coast University campus life and work. Because this is their home and more to keep it clean and sustainable development is a greater pride. This FGCU dormitories are equipped not only with recycling facilities, such as those in the main campus, but they also have energy-efficient lighting. In many cases, the lights are off, otherwise it will go out when there is no movement in the room. When someone walks into the room, the light will turn on, and there is no movement for some time, they will close put it back. This helps to prevent the excessive use of energy, as well as saving the school hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy bills each year.

Florida Gulf Coast University is also known as having one of the largest ice storage plant in the state. This will be further discussed in the blog. However, generally this plant helps to save college money, and maintain low tariffs, and reduce the need for air conditioning outbuildings.

Many of the benefits of flip for solar power

Since the cost of electricity standard options continues to risesolar technologyabsolute clean up thiselectrical energy in the house with the owner of the business happens to be in a more realistic resources.Huge amount of dollars, to evolve this kind of advertising and expertiseover the last one or two decades,was placed in the United States.

These include, but are some of the functions related to solar panel technology.

Price of about kithelp of solar energy is definitely 90%it is to support the energy in the family home witha much lower cost than was in the 70sIs a fairly attractive power now that electric bill soared easilytogether.

To consists of adding exceptional solar power solar cell any dwelling house roofusuallywhen utilizing the technique of the solar panelsto supply powerThat iswhile quite specific immediate investment,long-term and can be performedpossibly after saving some of the time and a significant financialcan beretrieved in financial savings on power bills and the cash is very expensive it is the fact that.

Not only simple to match the solar technology in the sunlit areayou might be higher than normal energy requirements of the house within a specific time interval of the dayExcess electricity can be stored in the batterypossiblyat a particular locationit is likely also may be the power supply authority zoomsold.

More than anything important matters for solar technology:

Cost-effective  and soon the sun innovation as be held installed in your home have the first of theinvestmentit‘s just a completely free source of electricity. It immediately paid for itselfwill generate amajor savings to your electricity paymentThis is to cover the supplementary costsit is also possible to obtain a compensation of the government. In additionproperty values can be significantly add to your homeThis financial commitment household-friendly environment where there is more popular than ever ifyou have to leave until nowthat of the surrounding informed of any of the home to improve the pricemeaning there enviroment that it is to resell a less complex obtained by that.

Clean  most green energy to choose from in the solar energymore is one of the resources that take the environment into considerationYou should want to help tackle climate change solar power generation that may be the best choice.

Simple and easy  model of the solar technology to request a little repairAs is immediately attachedsetup andbecause you will have a reliable resource for poweryou do not need to panic about the extrasupply of gasoline and diesel to also bill you pay, other mission is related to the standard resources ofpower.

Inexhaustible  If you were using solar poweryou do not need to think about the failure of strengthEventhe electricity you use old-fashioned source of stop workingtoughyou still retain the backupAlsoif you want to present the electricity on the exotic area that do not have quick access to one yuan solutions ofsolar power generation great alternative.

Tidy  in the casethe solar panelit is attached should not be any troubleI live in whereabouts aremainly inhabitedReason without difficulty to your home‘s roof, you do not need that allows you to use thespace of important backyard for that slotOn top of thatthe panel despite can indeed expensivethey areeven very easy to set up and simple.

Wire-free  nowthere are some household appliances of solar power generation of stand-alone availableto be cleared away the wire requirementsFor exampleyou canperhaps you will be able to mount thesun back energized garden lights placed in your yard run by electricity of the sunThey are cut off alsoreally just logged in for lightas they further comprises a photoreceptor.

Using PV cells at home is very expensiveThe Neverthelessit is not the only way to apply the electricon the sunIn cooler locations, the house in order to provide a gradual warmthare designed to make the most efficient use of solar and powerThis is an exampleduring the winterit is possible to warm your homeseeking wise style of the house through the use of a method for having a large glass housewindows home south positionHousea tree in this waywhich can be utilized to carry outmust be protected from the sun lot during the summer.

Alternate choicesuses the sun to provide hot water throughout the homeUsing this methodsimplycomprises applying a slim water water linepaint colored blackand consequently through thegreenhouse, such as a box exposed to outside sunlight your home I want to manipulate themThrough awarm placethis can be used to provide hot running water in the house and at no cost.

Solar panel technology is not really for everyoneYou were resident it must decide whether it is the answer you are looking forSolar power panel is not feasible suitable for youor if you are in a position toleapmaybe if you do not knowyou will need to consider the acquisition at the time of expected solarkitchen appliances stillYouvideo camerawatchreceiveryou’ll discover a fountain and a lot morevariety available now of solar power generation of gadgetsAll this eliminates the need for a battery packand wiring.