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Luxury Eco-friendly Product

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Your Solar Tact Innie or Outie

If you are a regular reader of energy miser, you know this aesthetic as much to me as they are to our customers. My whole shoddy series focused on solar energy fashion don’ts. Almost everyone asked me to consider how the solar panel appearance, but many people do not know how and where to ask a little-known components of the system will be installed.

For example, how kind of tact, is a measure of how much of your energy system generated? We in New England Clean Energy’s preference is to install the meter in the basement or garage, near the string inverters (S) or micro-inverter communication hardware:

Sometimes, though, the establishment of reasons, including the following does not work.

A practical requirement: Some municipalities require tact light is outside the home, in this system, we installed in Wakefield, Massachusetts.

2, the lack of space: some houses literally no space, this home inside equipment. The Harvard University, Massachusetts home without a basement or garage. Distribution board is in the living room, you can see these photos below. Given the option to install m – and inverters – External in this case, the more beautiful options.

3, the leasing company’s requirements: This is not the New England clean energy applications, but if your solar leasing, rather than buying it, your instruments and additional equipment will most likely outside of your home. The reason is not particularly warm and fuzzy: Solar leasing companies want to be able to switch off and lock system, if a customer missed a payment. (This photo in Oxford, Massachusetts, to take to show what I believe is the Vivint system installed.)

There you have it – the reason you sometimes see in a home outside solar tact. Which one do you like? What does it matter? Comment and let me know.

Bahamas Solar Electric Power Association

It recently said that with the entry into force of the VAT to be implemented beginning January 1, 2015 BEC utility rates. “May increase that.” Therefore, significant changes in the road, it may be because a good time, to take a closer look because any sun. But this time, let’s glance from a different perspective. Let’s let the dollar around and “feel” of the reasons for the use of normal conversation dramatic departure from solar. Let us pass the reality and logical reasons to embrace renewable energy generation in the land because the sun shines, you can possible hope. Let us even from a focus on rapid return on investment rate of return (ROI) is forecast to make solar a wonderful, practical conversation Bahamas options pushed back. However, just for fun, let’s dive into the solar energy in the Bahamas somewhat humorous perspective. Due to the lack of a better phrase. . . “Funny side of solar energy.”

Most of us have heard, and that the sun is a reasonable choice Bahamas. However, the economy in the streets, then, is that it is too expensive. For the average household, this is out of reach. But just a moment, let’s look at some other possibilities a fun and relaxed point of view. Let’s have some fun here. . . But first, let’s get serious!

Imagine you’ve just installed a very small four solar panels, off-grid battery system in your home. Surprisingly, the average rate of $ 0.44 / kWh, worth $ 66 a month you’ll energy range produced somewhere.
Over 1 year add up to an estimated $ 792. In five years you will Equivalent has generated $ 3,960 worth of electricity. This may not sound like a lot, but every month, if your average bill is $ 300 BEC. It is estimated that $ 66 million in electricity generation accounts for about 22 percent of your monthly electricity bill you. Can you imagine your savings if you switch to LED bulb can reduce your lighting load? How much savings, you imagine, if you add a timer, your water heater to reduce consumption, when you leave work every day, you will like? Protection will use the system to four small solar panels combining your monthly utility bill amazing impact.

Well, as promised, back to the “sun funny side.” Because of the price to keep up with the rising cost of fossil fuels. What is the inflation rate in the sun? When fossil fuel spilled into the sea, we call it “oil spill.” How do you call it when the sun covered by oceans? Power outages can occur at any time of the day or night inconvenience. This does not include other Ice Age on our climb up, how to predict the rise and the sun has been in the past, oh ~ ~ about 4000 years settings? Require extensive conversion of fossil fuels, distribution and delivery systems available fuel delivered to the end user. Sunlight is the global head of the free distribution of no known tax, VAT and customs duties fees, so far! Fossil fuel power generation equipment to work in a way to improve the sound level. Sounds like solar power systems. . . Sun.

Finally, solar panels will be generating about 25 years or more, in quite an acceptable level. So back to our previous “Imagine” in the case of a solar panel 4. After 25 years, the humble four solar panels will produce no guarantee of inflation, estimated electricity $ 19,800 million. Now, here is the really interesting part. So what is with just those four lonely and humble solar panels, we have been talking about the price? Does not include the balance of system components, batteries and the like. . . $ 790! Yes! Lower than your first year BEC cost savings. And this is no joke.

Biomass Advantages and Disadvantages

Biomass Energy

Biomass Energy

With the growing influence of the company’s growing concerns about climate change, because the world is a direct consequence of the burning of fossil fuels is forced to find other less harmful energy. One source of which is biomass and throughout this article, I will discuss the pros and cons usage.

Biomass advantages:

– Biomass is a renewable energy means in the same piece of land that it can not be like the exhaustion of fossil fuels because plants can re-grow again and again

– Fossil fuel is not conducive to our environment, they also our energy independence, we are forcing us to go to an expensive foreign imports of fuel energy security have a negative impact. If we use biomass to replace fossil fuels, which will therefore not only brings environmental benefits, and will enhance our energy security and energy independence.

– Biomass can also produce waste. The amount of waste is increasing rapidly in many parts of the world, if these wastes are to be turned in a useful source of energy, which will not only lead to economic benefits, but also less pollution of the world.

– Sustainable production of biomass could lead to significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions (if the plant does not directly burn), which may prove to be our response to climate change is very helpful.

– Biomass technologies are numerous and reliable, and can get instant results is not the case with several other energy sources.
– There are a variety of different raw material sources in the world, which can be found in all countries.

Biomass Disadvantages:

Unsustainable biomass production could lead to deforestation, even more greenhouse gas emissions, because the wood is still the main source of raw material (in the USA 90% of biomass from wood). In this case, can be avoided by focused primarily on wood waste and by applying very strict regulation on how much wood is harvested, which is how the wood is burned.

Biomass production will likely lead to a large increase in demand for land, which could lead to more food and fuel debate less land for food crops could lead to more hunger and food prices spike in the world.

As has been said many biomass technologies, but many people still do not have enough efficiency, and also connected with the significant cost, which means that there are a lot of room for further improvement.

Biomass production could lead to the same level as the greenhouse gases of fossil fuels, if the factory direct combustion. This means that any large-scale biomass production need to be very carefully planned, in order to produce a more positive environmental impact than fossil fuels do not insist.