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Experiment The Eco-Friendly Scentsy Warm

We have been synthetic, non-toxic alternative to scenting your home …. This is a preliminary result of our way and Scentsy wax experiment! You (and your wallet) will be pleasantly surprised!

In line with the company:
Scentsy offers a variety of wax tart insulation, suitable for any occasion and style, they are very popular choice flameless home fragrance. Many of our readers like their decorative insulation, but for their overall fragrance, petroleum wax tarts / Article attention. Glazed pottery heater is electric, by using a single light bulb also doubles as a nightlight warming.

Way Out Wax is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic company specializing in 100% non-GMO *, using only essential oils to create your own perfume soy wax candles. Oil is not only scent your home, they actively influence your mood by pure aromatherapy. Candles are created from renewable resources (soybean oil), all packaging is recyclable, reusable or compostable! They do not use synthetic pigments, dyes, perfumes, or in their products.

To perform this experiment, we used a full-size Scentsy brand warmer ($ 30), with the original 25-watt bulbs, candles and candle wax way (each $ 0.85 to $ 1). The candle is deleted (easy pop-up) from its container. And perfumes dispersement melting time recorded at each stage. Photo shoot also record the experiment.

variety of Eco-products From Roof Tiles, Sunscreen

When I started this site, back in 2011, I published a lot of articles on cleaning products. In fact, I only focus on sorting good and bad ecological cleaner world, the blog is really the kick-off point.

Since then, I have written a variety of eco-products from roof tiles, sunscreen, mattresses, to chicken soup. But now I find myself back to the heart of the home: laundry and cleaning.

I am pleased to report that more and more people have started using environmentally friendly cleaning products, and for the growth of the market (with more than 20% per year in North America), so there is innovation.

This is good news for consumers, and hope for the environment. Innovation, is the best, you can let us leap, rather than edge forward in our pursuit of a more sustainable lifestyle.

So, in this spirit, I want to be with you the details of three companies hope to break the mold and change the way we buy and use cleaning products to share. Second, in the UK, one in Canada.

First Splosh, small, Herefordshire company, selling a full range of cleaning concentrate diluted mailed to you at home. Splosh will try to make things easy for you: it sends you reminders, there ordering application, and make sure it’s refill cartridges so they are ready for through your mailbox, waiting for when you get home.

By using Splosh you greatly reduce unnecessary shipments of liquid from the factory to the supermarket home. By refilling bottles, you use less. You also save money (products usually cost the equivalent of about half the cost of environmentally friendly products in the grocery store).

Similarly, DELPHIS ecology, headquartered in south London has developed a combination of ecological turtle gas station in a primary school in Surrey.

DELPHIS make environmentally friendly cleaning agents, mainly for trade purposes (although it does have plans to enter the retail market). However, Managing Director Mark Jankovich, want to do more, in cooperation with nearby schools to design cheap, sustainable distribution station, allowing schools (and other organizations) on the sale of concentrates and buy in bulk.

As with Spolsh systems concentrated production ship, which is diluted by the customer. Interesting point of view here, kids can through the system, and in doing so become advocates and actors for sustainable development itself. They can make money, funded school project or charity.

Global Warming: Real or Myth?

I think from our conversation was the lack of real good reason to let people today really care about global warming. We mentioned some, but these things people find a way to live. Powerful people are those decisions have been made ??and most people just have to learn to adapt to it. Nothing really new there.

Moreover, it seems like the climate scientists are always talking about what happened to decades or even centuries from now. It sounds like there is nothing we need to worry about today.

Tom, can you give us some real reason, most people should be concerned about climate change today? I mean, things happen to them now here is not to say you can, it may not be 50 years from now occurred.

You have good points. The scientific community to better communicate with the public. And we really need to take care of it now. Climate change is not going to happen a century, it has happened, it’s affecting everyone’s life now. Let me cite a few things, one example of the present.

What people really do not understand is that climate change attributed to water management. Like I said earlier, droughts and floods will be worse, because it is a storm. This has affected the distribution of water around the globe. In some areas, reservoirs dry up and crops, livestock, forests and even wither due to lack of water. Other areas get too much water, and experienced billions of dollars in losses caused by the flood. Water management is constantly changing due to climate change, are some of the already affected almost everyone on the planet, one way or another.

This is a good reason to let people are concerned about climate change. Do you want to come back?

The costs of climate change will be passed on to consumers, the cost of just about everything has been. When the food is more expensive costs are passed. When the storm led to more insurance claims, the insurance companies will pass through it. Sandy hurricane caused $ 75 billion loss. Emanating from [i] in order to $ 250 per person in the United States. On average, one in four will be fixed Hurricane Sandy Act 1000 yuan. I know about in this case, the role of climate change in the argument, but the evidence is pointing Arctic warming is a major factor at work. [II] we may not be fully able to point to a specific storm, saying how much climate change is responsible, but we can look at the whole picture, to see an overall change. So, we know that climate change is now causing more severe weather and climate costs are passed on.

Not to say that every summer air conditioning costs extra money to pay my flowers. If it has been increasing every year. Hitting the pocket book is an issue we all care about. If climate change is the money we spend, then I would think people would be interested.