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Eco-friendly Technology Real Estate

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Eco-friendly technologies for PowerPoint PPT template, eco-friendly
Eco-friendly technology PPT template eco-friendly technologies
Eco-friendly technologies for PowerPoint PPT template, eco-friendly
Ecological Technology Demonstration Kit

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Why to Avoid Toxins in Baby Products

I think, when I started looking into the baby’s toxins, which is the most hateful thing is all just use flame retardants. Strollers, swings, mattresses, cradle, nursing pillows, pajamas, such as changing table mats, bathtub inserts, sleep wedge foam … so what, a little understanding, car seats.

Most of them are toxic flame retardant manufacturing, to protect all babies go up in flames, and care for their pillow, changing pad, let us not forget to stay in their stroller all babies in burning buildings . Flame retardants, also known as polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) and chlorinated, “three”, after being displayed in the research study is connected to many health problems, including infertility, neurological disorders, and even cancer of endocrine disruptors.

In addition to flame, of course, there are many dangerous toxins used to manufacture baby products and toys, including bisphenol A, phthalates and worst worst plastic – PVC. Shooting from scene, “from production to disposal, PVC with the use and release of toxic chemicals concerned in the production phase, workers at PVC facilities, as well as residents in the surrounding area, may be exposed to vinyl chloride (PVC’s BLOCKS) and / or dioxine (PVC product of the production of undesired double), both of which are carcinogens. “phthalate, polyvinyl chloride is often added to make them more flexible, making it one of the two toxic. PVC, some baby teethers and bath toys are made of it!

To learn more about the manufacture of vinyl chloride and risks, “blue vinyl” is about a woman, 25 years old, her motive was excellent documentary cervical hysterectomy, to find why her parents changed her childhood home vinyl siding may be a problem.